Commercial Law.

Law firm Antunovic and Milosevic specializes in the areas of Commercial Law.  The firm’s objective is to provide high-quality and efficient legal services to our clients, thus contributing to the enhancement of their businesses. We offer a large spectrum of services relating to legal counselling and assistance on all aspects of doing business, including in particular the following:

  • Review and consideration of case files; rendering oral and written legal advices and opinions regarding the case the law firm is engaged to handle.
  • Client representation in commercial disputes, including representation in the first-instance proceedings, second-instance proceedings and those proceedings requiring extraordinary legal remedies.
  • Client representation in bankruptcy proceedings and any other proceeding in relation to or arising from the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Representation of clients – legal persons and authorized representatives in matters relating to commercial misdemeanour and offence proceedings.
  • Representation of legal persons in all administrative proceedings relating to tax business (tax proceedings).
  • Representation in all kind of administrative proceedings.
  • Registration of companies and preparation of general acts.
  • Legal counselling in relation to possibilities for company management, restructuring, status changes, capital, business and assets takeover, then conducting legal analysis, all through the company liquidation.
  • Any other service as necessary and required for our clients to bring disputes to an efficient resolution.
  • Services in the area of the commercial contract law.