Administrative Law and Rights of Foreigners.

In the areas of Administrative Law, we offer our Clients with the services of legal counselling and representation in all administrative and administrative-court proceedings, before all governmental authorities, administrative organizations entrusted with public authority and Administrative Court, in particular:

  • Administrative proceedings and administrative disputes
  • Tax law and customs law
  • Competition law
  • Real property, construction and legalization

We are particularly committed to the protection of our client’s rights in the administrative disputes, where the Administrative Court also rules on the lawfulness of final specific acts on rights, obligations or lawfully based interest in relation to which the law in a particular case does not provide for a different court protection.  Administrative-court protection that we provide to our clients also refers to the “silence of administration” – an administrative dispute may be initiated when a competent authority has failed to issue an administrative act upon the motion, i.e. appeal by a party.

Taking into account the specific nature of requests and challenges we have encountered while providing services to foreign legal persons, non-residents and foreigners staying in Montenegro, this matter occupies special place in the organization and operations of the Law firm Antunovic and Milosevic. Our law firm offers a large spectrum of services in this area, including but not limited to the following:

  • Legal counselling in the areas of rights of foreigners ( residence permits, real estate rights)
  • Tax counselling;
  • Incorporation of companies founded by non-resident legal and natural persons;
  • Opening bank accounts for non-residents and legal counselling in the area of Banking Law and banking business)