Areas of practice

Professional team of lawyers experienced in all areas of law 


Our team provides numerous services in this area, entailing the provision of advice to investors, as well as all stages of real estate investments starting from the selection of a location, participation in negotiations, conclusion of preliminary contract and execution of the final contract, provision of ongoing legal assistance to clients before the competent authorities in the procedures of obtaining building permits, registration and entry with the public registries, and other procedures pertaining to the counseling in real estate litigations and environmental issues.

We provide consulting services throughout Montenegro, focusing on real estate investment consulting in Budva, Tivat, Kotor, Podgorica, Kolašin and Žabljak.


A wide range of our services in the field of intellectual property rights entails the provision of general legal advice on intellectual property protection, legal assistance in trademark protection, industrial design and patent, filing applications for registration of intellectual property rights before the competent authorities, and court representation in disputes over the infringement of protected rights.


The scope of the services we offer in the area of banking law entails the reviewing and examining of files and provision of verbal and written legal advice and opinions related to the cases for which the Law Firm has been engaged, as well as pursuing the overall procedure of enforced collection of claims. The members of our team have been entrusted with the trust of several banks operating in the territory of Montenegro.


We offer a wide range of services in the commercial law matters, which include in particular: founding and managing national and foreign companies, as well as drafting their general acts; advising and representing clients in commercial disputes; providing services in the area of commercial contract law, as well as all other actions necessary for achieving the success of our clients.


Services provided by the Law firm Antunović & Milošević in this area are as follows: legal counseling in the area of rights of foreign nationals (residence permits, real estate rights), tax counseling, and establishment of companies founded by non-resident legal entities and physical persons, opening bank accounts of non-residents, provision of legal advice in the area of banking law and banking operations.


In the area of administrative law, we provide clients with legal advice and representation in all administrative and administrative-judicial proceedings instituted before any state authorities, administrative organizations entrusted with public powers and the Administrative Court, pertaining to the following areas: administrative proceedings and administrative disputes, tax law and customs, competition law, real estate, construction of buildings and legalization.


Our office has a very dedicated approach to the analysis of the collection of each individual claim and the enforcement thereof. Where our clients are forced to collect their claims through the court and enforced collection proceedings, we pay special attention to the cost-benefit analysis of initiating enforced collection proceedings, the choice of means and assets subject to enforcement, and all of the above is governed by the principles of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and fairness of the procedure for the purpose of full collection of the claimed amount.


Having in mind that labor relations, in spite of clear legislation, represent quite sensitive area of law, we offer our clients solutions that not only prevent problems in this area, but also anticipate them. Our team provides legal assistance to employers, employees and Trade Unions related to labor relations, participates in the drafting of all labor related acts and contracts, severance pay, minimum amounts provided by legislation, employment of foreign nationals and the implementation of the procedure for termination of contractual relations. Our legal team also participates in resolving disputes between employees and employers, representing clients in labor disputes before courts and arbitrations.


Law firm Antunović & Milošević has a vast experience in the area of family and inheritance law and provides all types of legal assistance.

The representation in initiating and conducting all types of litigations for the dissolution of marriage, deprivation and restriction of parental rights, distribution of marital property, representation in initiating and conducting all procedures for payment and collection of statutory maintenance, initiation of procedures and representation in all inheritance proceedings are just some of the services we provide in this area of law.


Our office has an extensive experience in the field of bankruptcy law. We have a large number of clients that we have successfully represented in bankruptcy proceedings, and one of the founders of our office, the lawyer Milovan Milošević, in addition to passing the bar exam, has also passed the exam for bankruptcy administrator. He has represented clients in a number of bankruptcy cases in his capacity of the bankruptcy administrator.